American Cancer Society Link icon

Here, you will find general information about all types of cancers, treatments, and patient stories. In the immunotherapy section, descriptions of how immunotherapy affects the immune system and some specifics on the types of treatments and their side effects can be found.

American Nurse Today Link icon

This website offers an introduction to immunotherapy for nurses that reviews how the different treatment work and what are the common side effects for patients.

Cancer Research Institute Link icon

Here, you will find information on how immunotherapy works and have direct access to the clinical trial finder, which is designed to quickly search for clinical trials that match your specific cancer diagnosis and treatment history.

Cancer Support Community Link icon

Webinars, information on clinical trials, and support/advocacy advice can be found here. Most notably, registration for the annual Immunotherapy Patient and Caregiver Summit in Philadelphia, PA is offered on this site.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Link icon

You will find a short explanation on cancer vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. You can also view a whiteboard drawing video on how PD-1 and PD-L1 work. You can access their clinical trial finder with keywords.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Link icon

Learn about the research made at Precision Immunology Institute at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (PrIISM) and search among their clinical trials according to age, gender, and keywords.

MD Anderson Cancer Center Link icon

Watch a short video on how cancer immunotherapy works or a longer documentary explaining how the immune system can attack cancer. You can also view clinical trials available at MD Anderson by searching by cancer type, treatment or drugs, or physician.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Link icon

Find information on what is cancer immunotherapy and find out what MSK is doing in that field. You can search for clinical trials run at MSK according to keywords or cancer type.

National Cancer Institute Link icon

This site explains how immunotherapy is used to treat cancer and what types of treatment are available. You will have access to their NCI-supported clinical trials finder, which searches by cancer type, age of patient, and U.S. zip code.

Oncolink Link icon

Oncolink is a website and newsletter offering information to patients, clinicians, and researchers across a variety of cancer therapies. This link will take you to the portion of their site offering basic explanations of different types of immunotherapy.

Oncology Nursing Society Link icon

This article explains the importance of providing patient education prior to immunotherapy treatment and how to recognize immune-related adverse events early on. It is based on a study by Wood et al.

Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy Link icon

Here, you will find information on the cancer research centers that partner with PICI. PICI guides you to access a clinical trial finder and put you in touch with organizations that help with free transportation.

Patient Resource Publishing Link icon

This site offers an overview of immunotherapy, basics of how it works, and specifics for different types of cancers. Information about talking to your doctor as well as other resources are also available.

Patient Empowerment Network Link icon

On this website, patients can find helpful resources tailored to different types of cancer. This includes educational videos that explain how immunotherapy can be used in treating specific types of cancer.

Penn Medicine Abramson Cancer Center Link icon

The center specializes in vaccine therapy and checkpoint inhibitors. This page provides background knowledge on the treatments and includes a video with Dr. Carl June, one of the pioneers in the field. Clinical trials can be searched by therapeutic area and diagnosis.

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Link icon

Here, you will find information for patients, clinicians, and researchers. Events, resources, and discussions can be found in the patient portion of the site, and open access/peer-reviewed journals are available for researchers.

Stanford Medicine Link icon

View a short video on how immunotherapy works to treat cancer and learn about the treatments developed at Stanford. Find a clinical trial by keywords or condition.

Understanding Cancer Immunotherapy Research