Clinical Trials Finder

Center for Immuno-Oncology Link icon

This website lists NCI-sponsored immunotherapy clinical trials. You can view if a trial is open and/or recruiting. No search option is available at the moment.

Cancer Research Institute Link icon

This website lists cancer immunotherapy clinical trials actively recruiting patients in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. You can view current studies or launch a search. For a search, you will fill out a quick questionnaire to find a match with your specific diagnosis, stage, and treatment history. Once a match has occurred, you can discuss your results with a clinical trial navigator.

EmergingMed Link icon

On this website, you can either search or view cancer clinical trials, including immunotherapy treatments. To search, you will need to create an account. To view immunotherapy treatments, you will select your cancer type and location. Then, you will have the option to enter a “modality”; choose “immunotherapy”. You can request a contact to speak with a clinical trial navigator about your diagnosis, treatment history, and location.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Link icon

This website lists NCI-supported immunotherapy clinical trials. You only have to answer 3 questions to launch a search (cancer type, age, and U.S. zip code).

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Link icon

This website lists clinical trials in the U.S. and 221 other countries. To find a study, you can choose to view only the ones recruiting or not yet recruiting, then enter a specific disease and country. To look for immunotherapy treatments only, enter “immunotherapy” in the “other terms” search box.

Power Link icon

This website offers an easy-to-navigate list of clinical trials in the U.S. and Canada. You can search by cancer type, location, distance, and age. It shows the effectiveness and safety estimates for each study, which phase the trial is currently in, and if a waitlist is available or not. It is not exclusively for immunotherapy treatments.

Understanding Cancer Immunotherapy Research